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Book: A Sweet Surprise


Do you like sugar as much as Sam does? How much? Follow Sam as he discovers many sweet treats and surprises throughout his day. A giraffe in purple pajamas, chocolate crocodiles and some gummy snakes are only the start. Is there ever a thing as too much sugar? Join Sam throughout his day and see.

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A Sweet Surprize

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A Sweet Surprize

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A Sweet Surprize

Brittany Smith


If you think Sam has a sweet tooth you should meet Brittany. After experiencing the side effects of having too much sugar far too often. She decided this book would be a great way to help show people that candy is not always as fun as it seems.

Growing up on the East Coast of Canada. She has spent many years at summer camp discovering the best the tuck shop had to offer. Some might think she survives off apple juice and her hidden stashes of candy. Which only makes sense that she is a Pastry Chef in Sydney.

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